There is an East African tradition that I love.  When tribal leaders meet – Chieftain to Chieftain – they begin with this greeting:

“How are the children?”

This tradition speaks for itself. Our children are our future. We must invest in them. This is our duty, our privilege, our mission. Our PURPOSE.

Grace Hill Settlement House provides opportunities for individuals, families, and communities to be stronger, healthier and more self-reliant.

Every day, we create opportunities – we offer the most empowering tool known to humankind: we teach children to read.

It begins simply with learning the alphabet and sight words.  With these simple actions, we are beginning process of helping a family break the cycle of poverty.

We have the shortest month of the year to learn more about the truth of America…about the slave experience, the Island (African) immigrant experience, the unfinished Civil Rights experience. We have the ability to read, embolden and empower one another with knowledge and empathy. Embrace this opportunity!

Grace Hill holds fast to the belief that in our classrooms, community meetings, households, in our Women’s Business Center, in our Patch Center, and throughout Saint Louis; we meet families where they are to walk with them further down the road toward a stronger, healthier, more vibrant future.  We offer wellness and hope.

Remember–Every child, every family, and every community deserves the opportunity to succeed. This is essential to why Grace Hill exists. Join us in pursuing our mission because our children are our future.

Yours in service,

Laura Kozak

Grace Hill Health Centers is now Affinia Healthcare.

You can find them at or by calling 314.814.8700.