Job Title: Student and Family Mentor

Type: Full-Time
Reports to: Director of School Partnerships

Job Description:

Purpose of Position:

Perform duties required to work as part of the multi-disciplinary team in a community school setting.  Responsible for assisting families and children in an elementary school setting to stabilize and encourage growth academically, emotionally and socially in the environment.  Assists families in crisis situations and provides case management duties to ensure proper intervention.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Interviews family members and students to determine eligibility for programs and services available to assist families in need.
  • Conduct home based and school based assessments of children and families.
  • Perform outreach activities to participants in programs through telephone calls, face-to-face engagements, and home visits when appropriate.
  • Maintains records and reports for data around attendance, and mobility for students and families in ETO.  Must maintain confidentiality when working with students and families within the school setting.
  • Build effective partnerships with community organizations (i.e. telephone, face to face) to expand service delivery within community school initiative.
  • Develop and maintain parent relationships to promote involvement and engagement in the school setting.
  • Ensure the timely and accurate completion and submission of all required documentation related to enrollment, material assistance, etc.
  • Mentor and educate parents/guardians on school procedures and proper interactions to encourage readiness to learn in the classroom.
  • Confers and works with school principal, teachers, guidance counselor, social worker, nurse, and other professional staff in the school setting to ensure basic needs of students and families are met effectively.
  • Refers family members to appropriate resources within Grace Hill and the St. Louis community to address crisis situations and personal/professional development.
  • Participate in school and agency wide projects/campaigns to promote good attendance, behavior and academics.
  • Empower families through effective networking and collaboration with local social service agencies.
  • Assist with recruiting parents/guardians leaders for our community leadership program.
  • Perform other support duties as assigned.
Education Requirements:

Requires a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Education or related field.


The ideal candidate will possess at least one year of experience with supporting children and family in the community.  Requires computer knowledge and good interpersonal communication skills.  Must work well on a team and with others.   The Student & Family Liaison requires good written and oral communication skills as well as crisis intervention skills.  A working knowledge of the 63107 and 63106 community is a plus.


Applications are only accepted online.  No hard copy applications, emails or telephone calls please. You can apply using the button below:




An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
Services Provided On A Non-Discriminatory Basis

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