When we say that we support individuals, families and communities, we know that these can’t be separated. Grace Hill’s impact on one Head Start child during their critical 3 to 5 year-old development stage will impact their family’s health and stability – and that family’s role in a strong community fabric. When Grace Hill invests in our St. Louis’s housing and school systems, we realize that these partnerships help empower families and strengthen their children.

Grace Hill delivers programs based on best practices that help us address core St. Louis disparities

Grace Hill delivers programs based on best practices that help us address core St. Louis disparities. Our support system is organized around community-based centers and “Hubs” that offer on-site connections to our programs and partners. Our flagship Water Tower Hub in the College Hill neighborhood is a one-stop-shop for early childhood education (Head Start), community building, business development (Women’s Business Center), job training (Connections to Success) and financial services (St. Louis Community Credit Union) — right across the parking lot from a state-of-the-art health center (Affinia Healthcare).

We hope you learn more about each of these efforts — as well as our expansion into South St. Louis, our wonderful partner organizations and our school-based services — in this section of our website. Let us know what you think!

The Takeaway:

Grace Hill ties early childhood, community development, and economic stability efforts together to make a long-term impact on St. Louis families.

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Grace Hill Health Centers is now Affinia Healthcare.

You can find them at www.affiniahealthcare.org or by calling 314.814.8700.