Grace Hill was established by the Episcopal Diocese (Grace Church and Holy Cross Church) in 1903 to provide a comprehensive and coordinated complement of services and resources to immigrant populations, helping them “settle” into their new community. With the goal of supporting their integration into American society both socially and economically, the services and resources offered were health care, food and clothing, language support, housing, and employment readiness.

Today, the Settlement House spirit of support — of place-based opportunities to help every child, family and community succeed — continues to improve lives.

The Settlement House Movement

Grace Hill Settlement House is rooted in the philosophy of the Settlement Movement, which was institutionalized in America in 1889 with the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane Addams, who founded the Hull House in Chicago. This movement, locally, nationally, and internationally, strives to create a strong core within communities which supports and improves the social and economic status of individuals and families. With the goal to reduce barriers and increase opportunities for equitable participation in the pursuit of the American Dream, Settlement Houses engage people in defining their course toward self-reliance at the individual level and interdependence at the community level. The work of the movement in the United States is produced by more than 750 settlements and millions of volunteers.

Grace Hill Health Centers

What many people know as “Grace Hill” was actually two organizations: Grace Hill Settlement House and Grace Hill Health Centers. Grace Hill Health Centers changed their name in 2015 to Affinia Healthcare), though Grace Hill Settlement House and Affinia continue to work in partnership. You can find more information about Affinia Healthcare at their website here.

The Takeaway:

Grace Hill Settlement House is rooted in the philosophy of the Settlement Movement, which is devoted to place-based opportunities to help our neighbors succeed.

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Grace Hill Health Centers is now Affinia Healthcare.

You can find them at or by calling 314.814.8700.